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The era of technology that we live in today, gives us an opportunity to read and listen limitlessly about the subject of success and ways to succeed. The majority of the content on this subject is very similar because, in the end, there is a formula to success. Therefore comes the question: why are we then not successful?

Everyone has their own definition of success; for someone, it is inner peace, for someone money, for others popularity, while for some it’s career and so on. The mistakes we make that prevent us from achieving our goals are in a way similar no matter what our goal in life is.


The desire to achieve our goals is the core of everything. Without it, we can forget about all our success plans. Find what moves you and whatever happens to you in life, stay focused on where you are going. When you do something wrong, remember where you want to get, let that desire burn inside you, and let that motivate you.


Many people are raised to believe that the things they want are not realistic. We hear things like “That’s not possible”, “It’s only possible in the movies”, “If you study arts (for example) you will end up jobless”, “Find secure job that will pay you every month so you don’t have to worry”, or” that’s only possible for a child of a rich man “. We are also raised to believe that “there is not enough for everyone” and that “the money does not grow on trees”. Therefore, we focus our goals in that direction. If we get a great idea, we often recall how much effort and sacrifice should be made, and even all our effort does not guarantee that we will succeed, so why risk it? We better focus on graduating from “good” schools so that we can find a “secure job” from 9-5, and live a “stable” life… Why? Why not think that if we have a dream, whatever we need to do to get to it, we should do it !? This leads me to the next cause of people’s failures.


Everything we want to achieve in life requires a serious sacrifice. If we want to start our own business, we have to be ready to work without profit for some years. If we want to enroll in a good university, we should be ready to study each day for hours and probably sacrifice our social life. If we want to grow in the company, we should be ready to work overtime and to dedicate ourselves to our goals. If we want our relationship to succeed, we have to be ready to forgive, understand and renounce some of our habits. People are generally not ready for that sacrifice. People like when it’s all easy and when they do not have to do a lot or get out of their comfort zones. The moment we are not ready to sacrifice something that gives us security for our goals, we lose the opportunity to achieve the goal, whatever it is.


Laziness is often and closely related to the previous topics I have talked about. It’s not pleasant to get up at 5 in the morning. We would all rather watch the TV Shows than study something, learn, spend the whole day on our feet, experience many unpleasant situations and so on. If you want to achieve the goal, ask yourself- am I a lazy person? Are all the excuses why I can not achieve what I want, perhaps just the justification for my laziness? It is very important to be honest with yourself.


Unwillingness to be humble is often the main reason for failure. High level of arrogance often prevents one from opening the mind, getting accustomed to the conditions one has to accept in order to achieve the desired goal. I’ve been working for a millionaire for years and to me, it’s incredible how humble he is. While many people think that “they do not want to beg someone”, successful people know how to recognize when something depends on others, and when they need help from that person. Since they are aware that the path to success requires unpleasant situations, it is not a problem for them to ask someone for something. It’s not a problem for them to be nice and kind to everyone. It’s not a problem for them to ask a staff member five times to finish something for them because they will then come out with that thing finished and become closer to achieving their goal. Many people are raised to believe that they are “God-given” and that the world owes them something. As a General Manager in the company, I had the opportunity to watch a lot of young people who have graduated from excellent universities but have no life skills, who are convinced that they can do what they want in the company because they have a diploma. While I appreciate every effort, and I’m glad they succeeded, companies are not interested in your degree. The diploma is, of course, a great help in getting a job, but if you do not have life skills such as the ability to adapt, work ethics, knowledge of teamwork, the desire to continually learn and grow, discipline and the like, your diploma will mean nothing if the company does not benefit from it. Be humble, be proud of your diploma, but know that it is only a part of the puzzle that you need to succeed in your career, work, and life. Also, very important- life is not fair. No one owes you anything! You have to fight for everything. Get used to it, and nothing can shake you on the road to success.


One of the biggest mistakes people make. Thanks to Instagram, other social networks and television, we have the opportunity to see successful people and hear the success stories. Then we think, for example- “Do you know how much money the graphic designer makes?” “Now I will enroll in a course and become one.” This goes for other jobs as well, I am using a graphic designer as an example. And then, people are disappointed. How did they fail? Probably because this graphic designer who makes so much money, really likes what he or she does. Every success requires work, a lot of sacrifices, and if you do not like graphic design, hmmm. The job requires sitting for hours, staring at the computer screen with patience to make a good logo only. To practice. Have ideas. Have a talent. Every job is the same. The graphic designer that makes a lot of money has to have it all. Not only the skills but the patience, love, talent, eye for beauty and discipline. You better find something you love to do and you are good at than just try to do something because of the money. That’s where the money’s at. Not where someone earned it. Find your authenticity. Think about what you love and what you can do every day for hours, and do not give up.


This is what we all want – to make a little effort and then to enjoy the riches. There is no such thing as an overnight success. When we see other successful people we see their cars, their clothes, their success. We do not see their hours and days and years of work. Missing out on everyday coffee with friends. Missing out on parties. Failures. Falls. Rising. I often hear; “Lucky you, you’re the General Manager of the company.” I work in conditions where there is often no electricity for hours. I only drink coffee with my friends when I’m on vacation. The Internet is often slow and unstable. I can not eat what I want when I want to. I work from ten to twelve hours a day. Often, I work that many hours in the sun. I could count thousands of sacrifices I made. How did I succeed? By doing the job I love. I don’t love it every single day, but generally, I do love it. I have a goal in front of me and I know what I need to do to get it. I did not care about money. I was ready to humble myself. I got up every day on time even when I was very sleepy. I chose success.


Researches say that we are the average of 5 people with whom we spend the most time. What are you the average of? It may sound cruel, but it’s really true. Our success depends heavily on who we spend time with. If you spend time with unambitious, lazy people, it’s very likely that you will become the same. If someone calls you for a coffee or a hangout, you are more likely to leave work to your goal and go to have a coffee. If people do not support you, demotivate or just spread negative energy, again, we will become like that. While, on the other hand, if you do not work and call a friend who works or studies, and he cannot hang out with you, what do you think you are going to do? Success attracts success. The rich become richer. It’s very simple.

These are some of the major mistakes we make. There are more, but I believe that these will be of much use. Another important thing: we are the only ones responsible for our lives. Stop blaming others, your country, parents, lack of opportunity … Your life begins now. And you are the only one responsible for it. If you do not have an opportunity – create it. Be honest with yourself. Admit yourself if you are lazy, unambitious, arrogant… Define your weak and strong sides. Define what you want in life. Make a plan on what steps you need to take to fulfill your goals. And then just follow it. Devotedly and patiently. Shortcuts to success do not exist. But the dedication and hard work, trust me, always pay off.

Liliana K

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