In few days time, we will be marking six months since I started sharing my story on this platform. Therefore I wish to thank you all for following my blog, for loving my story and for your kind comments and words of support throughout this journey! Thank you!!!

I listen to your suggestions and highly appreciate them and therefore, due to hundreds of messages with recommendations on how my website should look like and what should it contain, we came up with the new and better design. The new website is here –!

While I will still be publishing stories about Nigeria on this platform, my new website will contain stories about happiness, success, lifestyle and a brand new column “Successful women”, where I will monthly be publishing interviews with successful women around the world.

You can subscribe to the new website at the bottom of the homepage:

On the top of the page you can pick the language for the website:

You can also see the content of the website and choose a category you wish to read:

I thank you one more time for your patience and support as we continue to grow and share the love! Many interesting things coming up on my new website, so don’t forget to subscribe! WWW.LILIANAK.COM



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